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  • Another 2009 Mac Pro NB (overheating) Heatsink Retainer Repair
  • Mac OS X Compatible 802.11ac Adapters (USB/PCIe/Mini-PCIe) Updated
  • 2009 Mac Pro 6-core 3.46GHz CPU Upgrade, Repair NB Heatsink Retainers
  • 2009 Mac Pro 12-core CPU Upgrade (Dual 2.93GHz X5670 Westmere CPUs)
  • 2009 Mac Pro Northbridge High Temperatures? Check Plastic Heatsink Retainers
  • Causes/Tips for HDCP Errors with iTunes HD Content

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    Previous News Archive Summary:
      Friday Aug 29, 2014 News
    • Steam Client Update Released (lists some OS X fixes)
    • Streaming music: what next for Apple, YouTube, Spotify... and musicians?
    • Autodesk Pixlr free at Mac App store (for OS X 10.9 or later/64Bit CPU)
    • (Mid-2014) MacBook Pro 13-inch review (IT Pro)
    • Apple sends Invites for Sept. 9th Event (sponsor blog)
    • Bioshock for iPad/iPhones (later models only, $14.99)
    • OS X 10.9.4 causes poor multi-core benchmarks for Retina MacBook Pro
    • Updated Apple Support/How-To Articles:
      - AirPrint Basics (with list of compatible printers)
      - iTunes Match: Understanding the iCloud Status icons
      - iTunes: About the "A secure network connection could not be established" alert
      - About iTunes Authorize and Deauthorize
      - Resolve iOS update and restore errors in iTunes
      - iOS: An app you installed unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won't open
      - iOS: Disabling digital camera notification in Mac OS X

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